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Mommy Care Kit:
for Moms!

Here at Miracle View Ultrasound, we care about your experience with us and at home. We are now offering this Mommy Care Kit to help you look and feel your very best during and directly following your pregnancy! Cover By Most Insurances With No Out Of Pocket Costs!

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Preventative Care & Medication-Free

Our Mommy Care Kit is designed to give mothers healthy, medication-free products, to be used at home.

  • First Option Mommy Care Kit

    1. Electric Breast Pump
    2. Blood Clot Prevention Cuffs
    3. 2 Pairs Compression Socks
    4. Belly Support Band for Baby & Mommy Support
    5. Lower Back Support Band To Take Pressure Off
  • Second Option Mommy Care Kit

    1. Blood Clot Prevention Cuffs
    2. 2 Pairs Compression Socks
    3. Belly Support Band for Baby & Mommy Support
    4. Lower Back Support Band To Take Pressure Off

    * Electric breast pump not included in this option

Benefits Of Your Mommy Care Kit

  • Belly Support Band

    Reduces strain on your back muscles & support your growing belly.

  • Low Back Support

    Helps with lower back pain and alleviates pelvic area during recovery.

  • Electric Double Breast Pump

    Promotes healthy breastfeeding to fit your lifestyle.

  • Blood Clot Prevention Cuffs

    Helps increase circulation and reduce swelling.

  • 2 Pairs Compression Socks

    Relieve pain and inflammation, increases circulation throughout the body.

You Do Not Have To Be A Client Of Miracle View Ultrasound Ultrasound To Qualify For The Mommy Care Kit